Thursday, 15 June 2017

Perfect your Recovery from Hard Training Days

Just as important as your training plan is an equally well thought-out recovery plan. Active recovery means having a plan to assist your body to get back to its regular state, and not just treating recovery as an afterthought. 


Mobilisation of the muscle groups after a hard effort is very important, helping blood flow, and helping move toxins out of your body. So walking around post run and keeping a full range of movement is good a recovery practice.


You can also aid your body’s healing post run with a small post run snack and drink, giving some thought to dinner time. Eating a balanced meal after your run aids recovery and prepares you for the next challenge.


Many people arrive at a training not being properly hydrated, especially in the morning when most of us don’t drink before training. Lack of water in our bodies is known to make our legs feel heavy and lethargic even after a warm-up and will still transfer to the formal part of your workout.

Stretch and foam roll

In this recuperative period post run you gradually bring those stretched and inflamed muscles into their normal working state. The discomfort of post run muscle soreness can be alleviated by putting in time on the foam roller and the yoga mat, while keeping up the gentle mobilisation of the joints.


After a hard run, adrenalin causes the body’s functions to change, spending the time cooling down, stretching and refuelling helps to bring your body back into a restful state,  allowing your body to achieve a restful sleep after hard training days.

Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Sponsored Athlete Team - FTRS 2017

Fast Trax 2017 Sponsored Athlete Team

Men' Team
Brian Stewart
Simon Stewart
Gary Poliquin
Chris Stone
Niall McGrath
Brian Torrance
Greg Meiklejohn
Joe Husing
Robert Renman
Simon Ong
Jay Kinsella
Marc Dowdell
Sam Hunt
Jose Garcia
Marc Meunier - New Balance FB Draw Winner

Women's Team
Rachael Francois
Ailsa Macdonald
Shannon Maisano
Chantel Widney
Allisa StLaurent
Rhonda Loo
Jessica Mueller
Petra Graen
Annette Kamenz
Kathy Atwood
Merissa Feraco-Batiuk
Kathryn Durell
Reina Ainsworth
Polly Moody
Nadine Elliot - New Balance FB Draw Winner
Dennene Huntley - Loops for Team Canada
Natalie Schrieber - Loops for Team Canada

Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Beat The Blues Boogie - BTBB 2017

NEW - Boogie race update - Updated March 8, 2017
Due to cold weather start times have been pushed back one hour to allow more time for the cool evening temperatures to warm up in the morning. Times (in red) below have been updated.

NEW - Boogie weather update - Updated March 10, 2017
Bunch of new snow on Saturday
Sunday morning low: -17
Sunday race time: -15
Sunday afternoon high: -11

NEW - Boogie waxing update - TBA

Race Informtion
Gear up for the 2017 Fast Trax "Beat the Blues Boogie Loppet" on Sunday March 12, hosted by the Strathcona Wilderness Centre.

The tradition continues with this year’s edition of the "Beat The Blues Boogie", raising funds in the name of Roger Tetrault, with all entry fees donated to the Alberta Cancer Foundation. 

This is a fun race to keep up the spirit of the season; the event is free technique, with a classic track for the sit skis and little striders.

We will also have a number of suppliers out setting up tents in front of the SWC Skiers Lounge to demo products.

Supplier Tent City - 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.
  • Salomon with Phil Villeneuve - Skin demos - Not Attending due to mechanical issues
  • Madshus with Mike Cavaliere - IGS demos
  • Fischer with Geoff Thornell - TwinSkin demos + the new TURNamic binding system
  • Swix with Geoff Thornell - New Swix klister demos
  • Master Wax with Keegan Brooks - Glide wax application with donation
  • Fast Trax Pro Team with Paul & Patrick Moore - Structure application with donation
    • Paul & Patrick are fresh back from the World Championships with stories & tips!
*Pre race structure and glide wax starts at 10:00 a.m. and runs to 10:45 a.m. with a $5 donation to Cancer Research and is first come first serve.

Supplier Tent City

Race Distances
  • 2 km Free Technique, 1 x 2 km loop: Jackrabbit / Bunny Boys & Girls
  • 4 km Para 2 x 2 km loop: Sit Ski Sport, Para Standing
  • 4 km Skate 1 x 4 km loop:  Youth Boys & Girls, Para Standing, Sit Ski Open
  • 8 km Skate  2 x 8 km loop:  Junior & Open Men & Women, Para Standing, Sit Ski Open
  • 16 km Skate  4 x 4 km loop: Open Men & Women
  • 24 km Skate  6 x 4 km loop: Open Men & Women

The racing has begun!

Race Categories*
  • Open Men - 20 and over
  • Open Women - 20 and over
  • Sit Ski Open - any age, LW 10-12 class
  • Para Standing – any age, LW2-9 and B1-3 class
  • Junior Men - 16 to 19
  • Junior Women - 16 to 19
  • Youth Boys - 15 and under
  • Youth Girls - 15 and under
  • Jackrabbits / Bunnies - 11 and under
*Youth, Junior and older Jackrabbits may register up categories

Start Time
  • 10 a.m. bib pick up @ SWC Skiers Lounge
  • 10:55 a.m. race briefing at start line
  • 11 a.m. race start
  • Wave start by distance
  • Start area is on Fox trail below the Meadow grid, across from the Information Centre

Aid Station
We will have a aid station set up at the start finish area with the following items;
  • Water
  • Gatorade
  • Fruit
  • Liquorice 

Post-Race BBQ
Smokies will be available from 1-2:00 p.m. out front of the SWC Skiers Lounge
  • Free smokie's and coke with race number
  • There will be a veggie hot dog and fruit juice option as well
  • There will be extra for friends and family who do not race

Awards will commence out front of the SWC Skiers lounge at the completion of the 24 km event at approximately 2:00 p.m.

Loads of swag!

Entry Fee
  • $20 for Junior and Open
  • $10 for Youth and Jackrabbits
  • All proceeds donated to cancer research

Course Maps
2km Course

4km Course

Race registration is now closed.
  • Register on-line on Zone 4 ~ Race Registration Now Closed
  • Registration ends at midnight on March 10. 
  • On-line entries only please, no race day entries.
The Wonderful Volunteers and Organizers
  • Tristan Oluper
  • Rob McKinley
  • Mike Neary
  • Lee Speed
  • Solange Dickinson
  • Mike Dickinson
  • Evelyn Henke
  • Cam Toner
  • Freya Hik
  • Bjorn Taylor
  • Kim Mazer
  • Patrick Moore
  • Paul Moore
  • Shauna Blackburn
  • Sean Rickard
  • Cameron McGregor
  • Lynne Chisholm
  • Denise Schmigelski
  • Dawn Kowal

Friday, 10 February 2017

Birkie Wax Report - Evening Discussion

Birkie Wax Report - Evening Discussion

Grip Waxing:
  • Sand grip zone with 100 grit sandpaper, wipe clean. 
  • Heat in Vauhti Super Base, Swix VG35 or Vauhti K-Base with iron, cork smooth. 
  • Vauhti K15/K18 or GF Carrot
  • Ski*Go HF Violet
  • Swix VR45/VR40/VR30
Layering of kick:
Aim for 6-8 layers of wax in total depending on your skis and what you normally apply for layers.

Waxing for glide:
  • 4-6 layers being the full length of your wax pocket
    • 2-3 layers K15 or VR45 / 2-3 layers K18 or VR40 or 6 layers of SkiGo HF Violet
  • 1-2 layers being in your klister pocket
    • 1-2 layers of the K19 or VR30 or 2 layers of SkiGo HF Violet
Waxing for grip:
  • 6-8 layers being the full length of your wax pocket
    • 3-4 layers K15 or VR45 / 3-4 layers K18 or VR40 or 6-8 layers of SkiGo HF Violet
Birkie trail leading to the finish line!
Glide Waxing:

Base wax:
  • Swix LF4
Glide wax:
  • Holmenkol Racing Mix Cold
  • Vauhti LF or HF Green
  • Swix LF4 or HF4
Birkie warming huts awaiting your arrival!
Long live the Birkie!


Canadian Birkebeiner February 11, 2017

Wax recommendations sent out by Vaughn McGrath based on Expected Air Temperature for Feb. 11th 9 a.m. –8C   11 a.m.  -6C 1:30 p.m. -4C

Expected Snow Type: Mixed New &Old Fine Grain/ Some Ice & new snow Humidity: 75%

The following wax recommendations are suggested by the Swix Wax Team based on the current weather forecast for for Feb 11th and observations of fresh groomed ski tracks on February 9th.  The ski trails are to be groomed Thursday and Friday but there is a chance of a few cm of fresh to be in the tracks at start time.

NOTE: Your final wax selection will need to be based on final weather conditions at the time of your event, your skiing style and your experience with your skis.

The basic steps to preparation of your skis for the event are:
1) Clean the old kick wax off your skis using base cleaner
2) Glide wax your skis
3) Apply base binder
3) Apply kick wax
Birkie Trails nearing finish line.
SKI SELECTION & STRUCTURE:  Medium Stone ground skis: Medium structure. Use hand structure on stone ground skis for better glide.  Swix Structure Tool: .75 mm linear structure (imprint roller that gives linear structure) or T0401 .75 mm linear

GLIDE:  Option 1 – EASY
1. Iron in LF6X (alternative CH6X). Let cool off. Iron in once more and let cool off. Scrape off with a Swix Plexi Scraper, and brush with a Swix Medium Bronze or Fine Steel Brush.
2. Finish with the Blue Nylon Polish Brush.

Base Prep: Start with a light brush with a steel brush or bronze brush. Wipe clean with Fiberlene. Clean/condition skis with Swix Fluror Glide Cleaner (apply cleaner, brush cleaner on base, wipe clean) Let stand to dry off for 3 minutes.  Next Iron in (apply) a layer of Swix HF4X (or LF4X) , cool a few minutes, Scrape & brush with Medium Bronze or Fine Steel brush.

Race Wax
1. Iron in one layer of HF6X  ( HF6BWX Black) (alternatives DHF104  White Marathon  or DHF104BW Black Marathon )  Let cool off. Iron in once more and let cool off. Scrape off with a Swix Plexi Scraper, and brush with a Swix Bronze or Steel Brush.
2. Apply Cera F FC6X (or FC78) with an iron temperature of approx. 165°C. Make one continuous pass with the iron with a constant pressure – take one side of the groove at the time. Let cool approx. 10 min. Brush the powder away with a nylon and then a horsehair- or wild boar brush.   Finish with the Blue Nylon Polish Brush.

1. Sand (rub) the grip zone area with #100 or #150 grit silicon sandpaper.
2. Apply VG 35 base binder, apply 3-4 dabs of  KX20 Green Base klister on top.    Iron in, the 2 together and then cork smooth (2nd alternative: spray on a layer of KB20 green base klister, cork smooth)  Let dry 10 min or longer  (Note: for the short distances of 2.5km, 4km, 13 km skiers may just use VG 35 base binder(iron in VG 35 after apply it)
3. Apply a layer of V40 Extra Blue hard kick wax on top of base binder.  cork lightly so smooth . Apply a 2nd layer of V40.   Let kick wax cool off outside.
4. Apply 3 layers of VR45 (or V45) Special Violet kick/grip wax, cooking lightly so smooth between layers. Let sit/cool off 5 min.
5. Finish with  2-3 layers of VR 40 (or V 30) at cool temperatures of 0C or colder

Final Swix Wax recommendations will be available at the Birke Fair after the Swix Tech Team does some skiing and testing on the groomed and trackset Birke trails this afternoon.

 Note: if the temperature becomes warmer, than the expected weather forecast we have provided, we recommend, add 1-3 thin layers of warmer grip wax. This is likely most applicable for those who start later in the day on Feb. 11th.  We suggest to wait to the day of the Birke to make this decision.

Take on your Birke ski -VR 40, VR 45, VR50, (or V40, V45, V50)  a cork & a scrapper to remove any stick, leaves etc. that might stick to your wax or if your skis ice up

Come see the Swix Wax Team at the Swix table at the Birkebeiner 2017 Nordic Fair or at the Event Start Area for updated waxing information

Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Preliminary Birkie Wax Discussion #2 - Glide

There seems to be a consensus forming that the Birkie trails could see some snow Friday night. Overnight low will be in the range of -11C with the daytime high rising to around +1C on Saturday.

Bear in mind that the daytime high won't hit until around 2:00 p.m. on Saturday... more on that below.
Photo courtesy of the Birkie facebook page.
Trail Conditions
Current reports on trail conditions are varied. A summary of the most recent updates is as follows:
  • Hard, frozen tracks
  • Best conditions in a while
  • Firm & nice
So the bits of recent snowfall east of Edmonton seem to have accumulated into some coverage. Additionally, I know that the volunteers have been out on the trails working on snow farming. So coverage should be adequate.

We understand that grooming will take place on Friday morning. A best guess is that the grooming will pull up lots of the old, granular snow and mix it in with the fresh that will have accumulated.
Photo courtesy of the Birkie facebook page.
Glide Wax
Although the daytime high is relatively warm on race day, don't be fooled into using a warm glide wax. It has been cold all week... really cold! And with a chilly morning low on race day and minimal solar effect from the sun (it is early February, after all), the snow will not warm significantly.

Additionally, although there has been great work with respect to snow farming, as well as some fresh accumulation, expect that the grooming will pull up lots of older, granular snow.

Based on this, we continue to recommend a hard initial underlayer, followed by a hard layer of race wax. Options to consider would include:

  • Swix LF4 (or other hard green glide wax)
  • Rex RCF Pink
  • SkiGo LF Graphite
  • Solda S30
  • SkiGo C380
Race wax (HF options will continue to provide an advantage)
  • Holmenkol Speedbase Cold
  • Holmenkol Racing Mix Cold
  • Rex HF31
  • Toko HF blue
  • Swix HF4
As you can see, we are recommending colder, harder options as the best choice.

Further Testing and Posting
We will be onsite at the Brikie trails early Friday morning doing final testing. This will include both grip and glide and we will plan to post an update before lunchtime on Friday.

Long live the Birkie!

Thursday, 2 February 2017

Official Birkie Trail Report

OFFICIAL Birkie Trail Report from Dave Cooper - February 2nd, 2017
The following is the official trail report from Dave Cooper, the Birkie sponsorship director, who just sent out the following email.

Birkie Classic Event
"Despite icy conditions at Waskehagen, our latest plan for revised routes will allow us to run the full 55 km and 31 km (classic style) events".

"This weekend we will begin snow farming and tracking of lightly used trails and setting new tracks in areas with good snow that have never been skied this year, primarily in the northeast area and some fence-line areas. We will avoid the current heavily used and icy trails, such as Lost Lake".

"So the Birkie is a go, and the skiing will be much better for participants than they would imagine if they have only skied the trails around Waskehagen".

Birkie Skate Event
"The trail was ruined by horses. And there is little snow up there".

"All registrants can switch to another event, or take a refund".

"Our focus is to get the long classic courses on good snow. And we are working on that. Rerouting has been mapped and we have machines working on it this weekend and early next week"

More to follow as reports become available.

Long live the Birkie!