Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Welcome to our new page

The Fast Trax Run & Ski Team is the shop staff and sponsored athletes out having fun on the road & trails and taking in as many events as they can, spreading the word about the joys of running & nordic skiing. In conjunction with our own running & skiing the team provides training ideas, technique and waxing advice as well as wax clinics out of the shop and technique clinics out of Crossfit Armory and Goldbar Park. While out on the trails or at events we are not only their for our enjoyment we are there to lend a hand with waxing, technique or training advice.
Will off the start!

Some of the things we will touch on in the coming months;
  1. Wax Clinics
  2. Technique Clinics
  3. Training Advice
  4. Nutrition Advice
  5. Equipment Advice
Check back regularly for new postings.