Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Base Building Variety

During the base building phase of a training program, i.e. your offseason, it is better to use a range of paces measured either by pace, heart rate or by feel then to always run the same pace. As with the phases of the program that include regular speed work that provide variety so should your aerobic base building phase as your aerobic base also needs a variety of training stimuli to improve.
This variety can be achieved by using longer intervals run at 10km to 20km race pace with short recoveries and out and back workouts testing the effectiveness of correct pacing.

HOW TO RUN AN OUT-AND-BACK SESSION: This is a time-based workout, so simply divide the time appointed by two, run out to a turnaround point, record your split and run back and take your time again at the finish. For this to work well the course should be of similar difficulty both ways. The goal is to run both halves of the route as evenly as possible developing an efficient rhythm for the entire distance.

Using the out-and-back run on a weekly basis you'll run farther within the same duration of running time as fitness improves.

  • Don't check your pace during the run; use your watch only to know when to turn around and to compare time for each half of the run.
  • If you're unable to maintain your pace you're starting out too fast. Even pacing is efficient and ideal for distance events.
The Out-and-Back is not a time trial to see how fast you can run but rather a very good discipline to control the even but strong effort throughout the workout.