Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Birkie - first test

Went out for some preliminary testing with four set ups;

  1. K-line base binder covered by Guru Haliger Hard Wax
  2. Guru Green klister covered by Guru Haliger Hard Klister
  3. Guru Green covered by Guru Purple Klister
  4. Guru Green Klister covered by Universal Klister covered by Vaughti Grip Powder

Overall the base binder covered by hard wax and the straight up purple klister were the better feel, the universal klister was solid grip but slightly slower which was to be expected and the universal klister covered by grip powder was great out of the gate but slowed as powder wore off, also to be expected.

That's it for now, tomorrow we glide and Friday we grip, today was hardening the bases and doing some preliminary testing to get a feel for how things will play out.

Good tracks, good wax, good ski:-)