Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Birkie Wax Recommendations - Preamble

Wax recommendations:
Fast Trax will begin on snow testing the week of February 4th, stay tuned to the Facebook page the shop blog for the most up to date wax recommendations.

  • The final recommendation will be posted at about 12:00PM on Friday, February 8
Overall thoughts:
There has been significant snow this year, the trails are in amazing shape. Likely to see a few days of above zero temperatures about 7 days before the race. The trails will probably not be exceptionally icy (think Birkie 2011), however the tracks may have a tendency to glaze in the latter parts of the race conditions should be excellent.

Glide thoughts:
A hard underlayer will almost certainly improve speed and keep your skis running faster, longer.

Consider “black” hardeners if the snow is icy, coarse grained, or dirty.
  • Ski*Go LF graphite, 
  • Rex RCF black, 
  • Toko black
Consider “white” hardeners if the snow is fine grained.
  • Swix CH4
  • Solda S30
  • Ski*Go C380
HF/LF waxes will unquestionably be faster than non-fluoro waxes

Kick thoughts:
  • Ensure your kick zone is marked
    • Easiest way to ensure your skis have enough kick AND are fast
  • Apply a base binder to ensure the wax lasts the entire race
    • Spray type binder is easy and quick to apply
    • Hardwax binder is more work but will result in better durability and speed
  • Apply the wax in thin, even layers and ensure corked smooth
  • Carry some extra wax and a cork with you in your drink belt
    • The wax you have applied
    • The next warmer option
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