Thursday, 17 January 2013

Camrose Loppet - wax recommendation

Fast Trax Wax Final Recommendation

Ole Ulffda Loppet - Camrose

Event information:
Sunda, mass start classic
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Forecast morning lows range from -21 to -22. Forecast daytime highs range from -17 to -18. So, the general consensus is that it's going to be cold!
Base layer - Swix CH4, Solda S30, or Ski*Go C380
Race paraffin - Ski*Go HF green or Swix HF4, Holmenkol Matrix blue
Binder - Swix VG35 or Vauhti Super Base with a little Swix V40 (Extra Blue) mixed in. Iron in and smooth with a cork; alternative Rode Black Base
Due to the extremely cold conditions on race day, hardening the bases is going to be of primary importance and will make a dramatic difference in ski speed. Both the Ski*Go and Swix green waxes are safe and should run well. If possible, allow the race paraffin to stay on the skis overnight before scraping and brushing.
Ensure that the skis are brushed and polished extremely well to remove all traces of wax residue. We strongly recommend the use of an ultra fine metal brush in these conditions.
Lastly, remember that Camrose is an exceptionally hilly course. At the forecast temperatures, finding grip solutions that kick well shouldn't be an issue. That being said, remember that racers will always lose more time uphill due to bad grip than they will gain on the downhill with superior glide. Therefore, don't be afraid to trade a small amount of downhill speed for bomber kick during your testing.