Friday, 8 February 2013

FAST TRAX - Final Birkie Wax Recommendation

FAST TRAX - Final Birkie Wax Recommendation

Canadian Birkebeiner - February 9, 2013

Patrick and Jack completed our final on snow test this morning on the Birkie trails. What an amazing day! If you are not racing the Birkie this  year, you are really missing out! The track is in the best condition we have ever seen and our results are below. These results represent our final recommendation and no further testing will be completed unless conditions change drastically.


Base wax: Swix LF4 or similar

Race wax: Holmenkol Matrix red, Holmenkol matrix black/red, or Holmenkol matrix black/blue

Top coat: Ski*Go C22 fluoro block

Binder: Vauhti fluor binder

Kick wax: Guru Super Halgier (purple) or Swix VR45

Glide test results:

All waxes were tested via speed trap.

1) Holmenkol Matrix red 
2) Holmenkol Matrix black/red
3) Holmenkol Matrix black/blue

4) Ski HF violet / HF yellow (50/50 mix)
5) Swix HF6

6) Solda F40 red

The Holmenkol waxes were virtually identical and any of the three tested will be good. These three waxes formed a distinct group ahead of the rest.

The Ski*Go and Swix waxes were also virtually identical but were noticeably back from the Holmenkol options.

The Solda option was quite bad and completely out of the running.

Kick wax recommendation:

We tested the following kick waxes and our order of preference was as follows

1) Guru Super Halgier (purple) – best kick, very secure, excellent glide

2) Swix VR45 – comparable glide to the Guru option, kick excellent but slightly less than Guru

3) Ski*Go HF violet

Each of the three options noted above was totally acceptable, however the Guru option was clearly the best. In terms of Swix, VR40 would result in faster speed but is quite slick. On the other hand, VR50 would result in more kick, but is quite slow.

Remember to test your wax before the race and make any adjustments as necessary. We continue to recommend carrying the next warmer wax from the option you select, as well as a cork, in your water belt during the race.

Other kick waxes tested included:

  • Guru Halgier Extreme – not as good as the Guru Super Haliger in terms of kick or glide
  • Swix V40 (Blue Extra) – slow and slick
  • Swix VR40 – fast, but too slick
  • Swix VR50 – very secure kick, but too slow
  • Rode Super blue – not enough kick
  • Vauhti K12 – not good feeling, not a Vauhti day