Saturday, 2 February 2013

Fast Trax Wax Recommendation - Edmonton AB Cup - Classic race



Event information:

Saturday - interval start, skate
Sunday - interval start, classic
Race notice - ENSC race notice


Well the overnight low sure did end up being a LOT warmer than forecast. It appears that the cloud cover did not dissipate overnight, preventing the temperature from dropping.  


Forecast morning lows are expected to be -4. Forecast daytime highs range from 0 to +1. It is expected that there will be some flurries or other precipitation in the morning. Overall, it appears that tomorrow's forecast is very much like today's actual weather!


In order to facilitate the application of glide wax this afternoon, we have posted a recommendation based on the forecast and the results from today. 

Base layer - Swix CH4, Solda S30, or Ski*Go C380

Race paraffin - Ski*Go HF violet / HF yellow (50/50 mixture), Swix HF7 (HF 8 if the overnight low is warmer than expected), or Holmenkol Matrix red

Binder - Fast Trax will conduct a binder test this evening and post the results around 7:30PM. 


We continue to recommend the application of an initial hardening layer. This continues to be of importance and will make a big difference in ski speed for the duration of the race.

Given the warm temperatures today and expected for tomorrow, there will be a number of glide options that will work very well. As with any classic race, the priority has to be on grip as this is where the race will be won or lost. 

There are two key hills in the race tomorrow - Esso Hill and Retaining Wall Hill. You need to be able to stride Esso Hill comfortably as you are going to spend a significant portion of the race climbing that grade. 

Finally, avoid the temptation to over-do the kick wax. There is also a significant amount of double poling on the course through the stadium and back along the lake in Gold Bar.