Congratulations to the Birkie skiers, volunteers and race organizers, now while mother nature put us to the test, it was a wonderful day and will leave us with countless memories.
Preparing grip test skis. 
The Birkie week is a exciting weekend at the shop with the testing, posting wax recommendations, setting up for the Birkie fair and glide/grip waxing over 100 pairs of skis in three short days. The nights are a little longer and the morning start a little earlier, especially race morning when we are up at 4am to get out to the site for final tests and to get ready to take part in the event ourselves.

Now with a staff of three weekday staff and Patrick taking the Friday off work to help out at the shop this can be quite the task! Our weekend staff try to help out as much they can, much appreciated by the way, but they have their regular work schedules to manage.
Off the gun! 
And in the midst of all this excitement we juggle to manage the shop regular as when you are in the thick of things and it seems everyone is preparing for the Birkie, we still see excited customers stopping by to simply go for a ski on the weekend or start their new running program.

A memory for me will be the Friday before the Birkie when we were up against it trying to get everything ready, monitoring the forecast and making the best skis possible and in walk two lovely ladies looking for two complete packages to go for a ski on the weekend out at Blackfoot.
Poling away! 
We first discuss Blackfoot would not be the best option for a ski on the Saturday and then we progress to fitting them for skis:-)

Once we had moved onto boots the shop had around 20 to 25 customers in the shop and you could kind of tell they were star struck by all the excitement and then the crew from CBC came through the door and started filming and well at that point they were besides 
themselves wondering what they had just stepped into...:-)
Glorious tracks on Friday:-)

We had a blast this past week and hope you did as well and on a personal note thanks to the crew at Fast Trax it was great to work along side, sharing the laughter, #birkiefever!