Friday, 7 March 2014

Beat the Boogie - wax recommendation

Beat the Boogie
Official Wax Recommendation

This wax recommendation is brought to you from the Holmekollen World Cup in Oslo.
Event details: race notice

Forecast for race day: isolated showers (only 40%), morning temperature of 0, rising to +5 in the afternoon

Wax recommendation:

Base - Ski*Go LF graphite, or, as there is a world wide shortage of LF graphite following the Canadian Birkie, Swix LF4 would also be good

Race paraffin - Holmenkol Matrix Mid or Ski*Go HF Orange

Discussion - Given the cold temperatures that have been in and around the Edmonton area for the past several days, a hard base layer will continue to be important. If you plan on making one pair of races skis, Holmenkol Matrix Mid is a great, wide-ranging warm wax. If you plan to make two pairs of race skis, we would suggest putting Matrix Mid on your #1 pair and HF Orange on your #2 pair.