Thursday, 12 February 2015

Birkie Wax Discussion #4 - Preliminary Grip Testing

Fast Trax - Preliminary Wax Recommendation 

I was out this morning at Islet Lake doing base binder and preliminary grip testing. In terms of conditions at the time of testing it was -4 and it was new snow. The track looked to be a week old and had been pressed into the snow and not tilled. Once the groomers do their final pass we will most likely see a change in track conditions and possibly a change in grip recommendations but in terms of glide and base binder I feel the ones outlined below are the best options.

Tracks at 11am Thursday morning.
In terms of the forecast for Birkie day, at 9am temperature is forecasted to be within 3 degrees of minus 6C with light snow ending mid morning and temperatures warming to within 3 degrees of  Zero C by 2pm.


Base: Vauhti Super Base (Vauhti K-Base would be a reasonable alternative if necessary)

Kick: Vauhti K15/K18, Ski*Go HF Violet or Swix VR45/VR50(Top coat VX43)

Other grip options: Start Synthetic Blue, Start MFW Blue


Base: Rex RCF Pink or Swix LF4

Glide: Holmenkol Speed Base Matrix Mid - application of Speed Base Matrix

Top Coats: Vauhti Goldfox

Structure: Possibly in the mix, stay tuned...

Other glide options: Vauhti HF Violet, Swix HF7, Swix HF6 and Toko HF Yellow

Test fleet!
These are the most detailed testing results from today and I will be retesting kick on the race course Friday morning with our final recommendation to be posted by noon on Friday. Stay tuned!

At the end of the day "it will be what it will be" and we will be there to guide you on the trail to perfect grip. We will also post info in terms of layers and application of the grip tomorrow, rest well:-)