Saturday, 17 October 2015

Skin Skis for Classic Skiing

This year Fast Trax offers four different models of the newly developed Skin Skis from Fischer, Madshus, Salomon and Rossignol. For those classic skiers with fewer hours for prepping skis or for those who simply do not enjoy grip waxing, the Skin Skis offer a time-saving option that demands kick without sacrificing ski feel.

Skin Skis provide grip in conditions that have eluded traditional crown patterned skis in the past and provides this grip without sacrificing glide which has also eluded traditional crown patterned skis in most every condition by having the crown pattern drag.


Fischer Twin Skin Race

Fischer offers the Twin Skin as a complimentary classic ski designed to kick in variable conditions without sacrificing glide. The Twin Skin is a ski made for versatile conditions. Purpose-cut cavities for two separate Mohair strips mean it glides easily and kicks solidly, especially in transformed snow and conditions that cause track glazing.
Those mohair cavities are deeply set at the beginning of the kick zone, meaning less mohair strip is exposed, less gliding friction is created. The cavities are also shallower under the ball of the foot which makes the Mohair thicker toward the rear of the ski mimicking a well waxed classic ski where a thin layer of wax at the beginning of the wax pocket paired with a thicker layer under foot facilitates kick and glide.
Madshus Terrasonic IntelliGrip® Classic Ski

Blending the trusted performance of the Terrasonic Classic ski with the reliability of their innovative IntelliGrip® skis, the all-new Terrasonic IntelliGrip® Classic makes classic skiing even easier.

The mohair and nylon blend is built into the base of the Terrasonic Classic, with a progressive profile that ensures grip without sacrificing glide, helping take the guess work out of ski prep and keeping you simply skiing for longer.

Salomon RC Skin

Experience top level classic performance without the challenge of daily waxing. The SKINGRIP inserts deliver precise, secure grip and silent, fast gliding for skiers who demand high performance in various snow conditions.

Salomon Aero9 Skin
Enjoy a new way of classic skiing without the challenge of daily waxing. The S-CUT shape gives you more control.

Rossignol R-Skin

The all-new R-Skin classic ski features a replaceable mohair insert for great kick in all conditions with no prep work. Designed for competitive athletes to expert skiers, the R-Skin features a race-ready Nomex Honeycomb core is paired using the Rossignol Fit System (RFS) which measures closing flex and camber shape, ensuring precisely matched pairs for optimum selection and fit. Extra fiberglass laminate provides additional stiffness and power. 

The R-SKIN  is a new/old system that use a Mohair type fabric to create traction on one side of its texture and glide on the other. The new generation is very resistant and does not catch water as easily as 30 years ago and with the addition of new anti-icing products the mohair are for the most part ice free.

What makes the ROSSIGNOL S-SKIN so performance oriented is not just the Mohair itself but a number of elements that when combined together make it extremely efficient.
  • The  NIS 7 click  plate make the R-SKIN adaptable to any snow condition.
  • The R-SKIN position in relation to the camber of the ski makes it very precise but unobtrusive.
  • The R-SKIN's are calibrated for maximum precision.
  • The R-SKIN ski is made of light weight (nomex) honeycomb core for flexibility and reaction.