Sunday, 29 March 2015

Race Nutritional Advice

At Fast Trax we apply Dr Trent Stellingwerff's Rule of 15 to customers race nutrition needs with 15 grams of carbohydrates every 15 minutes with 150ml of fluids.
  • Rule of 15 - Video - Marathon nutrition
  • Rule of 15 - Video - Pre-event hydration and fuel
  • Rule of 15 - Video - Tracking success
  • Rule of 15 - Video - Hydration
  • Rule of 15 - Video - Picking the right sports drink
  • Rule of 15 - Video - Post run recovery
  • Rule of 15 - Video - Event execution
  • Rule of 15 - Power Point Presentation - Full power point slides that is shown in each video.
We hope this helps with your training and if you have any questions on the videos stop by the shop and we can go through them with you.

Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Fast Trax 2015 Sponsored Athlete Team

Men' Team
Geoff Harris

Brian Stewart
Simon Stewart
Gary Poliquin
Matt Bilodeau
Chris Stone
Niall McGrath
Brian Torrance
Greg Meiklejohn
Joe Husing

Women's Team
Rachael Francois
Ailsa Macdonald
Shannon Maisano
Chantel Widney
Allisa StLaurent
Rhonda Loo
Jessica Mueller
Petra Graen
Annette Kamenz
America Aznar
Staff Team
Jack Cook
Sean Richard
Jason Durance
Brad Stienbring
Patrick Moore
Paul Moore
Don Wheatcroft
Marcelo Lafuente
Brian Loehr
Reid Hosford
Will Critchley
Chris Stockdale
Maryann Heacock
Tyla Cooper
Claire Critchley
Barbara Bahnmann
Shauna Blackburn
Tracy Taylor