Friday, 5 February 2016

Wax... if the Birkie was tomorrow

Patrick was out skiing at Goldbar last night and would rate the conditions as fair to poor. The plan was for them to groom the trails last night, so the trails may be better today.

Based on what Patrick saw last night, and if the Birkie was tomorrow, here's what we'd be doing for wax:
1. Under Layer (crucial): Something black and hard would be best. Either Ski*Go LF Graphite or Rex RCF Black.

2. Race WaxIt's pretty icy out there and not very granular, at least in Edmonton. If we were to put something on without testing it would be Holmenkol Matrix Black/Red, Holemnkol Speedbase Mid, Start BM4, or Swix HF7BW or Ski*Go HF Violet (even though it's not black).

3. Powder and/or liquid: If we were to do something without testing it would be Vauhti C11 or LDR, Swix FC5, or SkiGo C44.
4. Top Coat: If we were to use a top coat and we do, it would be Vauhti Black liquid all the way. No questions asked.
5. Kick: Kim says that Laura had good success on Blue PowerGrip last night. We could see Blue PowerGrip working, but come race day blue might be a little lean. We would likely lean more towards Purple PowerGrip.
Bjorn says that the appropriate hardwax overtop of blue klister has been working. We could see that as a possibility too.
Lastly, in Goldbar anyway, we would certainly be tempted to try straight klister. A violet/universal mix probably, or the Vauhti K-Violet which is a pre-mix of that right in the tube.
In any event, binder is going to be critical. If we were on straight hard wax it would be K-base. If we were on klister it could likely be something tough... like Rex Blue or similar.
So that's what we know. Bear in mind that this is all a guess based on what Patrick saw at Goldbar last night. But if we were racing and waxing skis tonight without testing, this is how we would do it.