Saturday, 10 December 2016

Ski Options 2016

At Fast Trax, our goal is to use our experience and knowledge to help you find what you need to enjoy your time on snow. We add value to our products by providing exceptional service to fit you properly and to simplify equipment and waxing. We are a small shop and focus exclusively on equipment made for well groomed trails in the following three categories of skiing for both classic and skate skiing.

While there are an infinite number of options when selecting equipment the examples below are a good representation of what we have to offer. The examples are options from Fischer and Swix and are classic only for presentation purposes but we offer similar packages from Salomon, Madshus and Rossignol for both the junior and adult skier.

Fast Trax Options
Sport ~ Loppet novices to traditional classic and skate skiers ~ speed & control. 
  • Sport A ~ Sport category skis are particularly light and produce a very dynamic kick for sport loppet racers. As well leisure skiers can also achieve high speeds by channeling their strength efficiently and effortlessly.
Fischer SCS Classic Ski, NNN Exercise Classic Binding,
Fischer RC3 Boot and Swix Comp Pole.
  • Sport B ~ For those classic skiers with fewer hours for prepping skis or for those who simply do not enjoy grip waxing, the new developed Skin Skis offer a time-saving option that demands kick without sacrificing ski feel - More info.
    Performance ~ Loppet racer to aspiring world cup athlete ~ speed & lightweight. This enables performance-driven skiers to convert power into high speeds more efficiently than ever before.
    Fischer RCS Classic Ski, Fischer Carbonlite Boot,
    NNN Xcelerator Binding and Swix Team or Star Pole.

    High Performance ~ Loppet racer to aspiring world cup athlete ~ speed & lightweight. True enthusiasts are interested in one thing more than anything else, speed and equipment naturally plays the decisive role here.
    Fischer Speedmax Classic Skis, Fischer Carbonlite Boot, 
    NNN Xcellerator Binding and Swix Triax 2.0 Pole.

    Ski Ready Service
    Each pair of new skis purchased from our shop comes with the following;
    • Hot Box (sport and performance skis)
    • Glide Wax
    • Base Binder (classic skis)
    • Binding Mount
    • Ski Straps

    Ski Selection
    Once we have determined which category of ski suits your needs we begin the selection process based on your height and weight picking the appropriate skis from our ski rack. Once we have made our initial selections we have you move into our fitting room where we determine which ski is best for you.

    Once we we have the correct ski for you there is a two day turn around to have your skis mounted with bindings and placed in the hot box over night with a soft glide wax. In the morning we remove the skis from the hot box and cap the skis with a low flour glide wax. For classic skis the grip zone is marked with permanent marker, sanded and base binder is applied so when you pick up your skis they are ready to enjoy the great outdoors. All you will need to do is apply the correct grip wax when going classic skiing.

    Follow Up Service
    Waxing can be a chore so we offer several options for ski services and suggest you bring your skis into the shop every two to three weeks through the winter to have your skis cleaned and re-glide waxed for optimal performance.