Thursday, 2 February 2017

Official Birkie Trail Report

OFFICIAL Birkie Trail Report from Dave Cooper - February 2nd, 2017
The following is the official trail report from Dave Cooper, the Birkie sponsorship director, who just sent out the following email.

Birkie Classic Event
"Despite icy conditions at Waskehagen, our latest plan for revised routes will allow us to run the full 55 km and 31 km (classic style) events".

"This weekend we will begin snow farming and tracking of lightly used trails and setting new tracks in areas with good snow that have never been skied this year, primarily in the northeast area and some fence-line areas. We will avoid the current heavily used and icy trails, such as Lost Lake".

"So the Birkie is a go, and the skiing will be much better for participants than they would imagine if they have only skied the trails around Waskehagen".

Birkie Skate Event
"The trail was ruined by horses. And there is little snow up there".

"All registrants can switch to another event, or take a refund".

"Our focus is to get the long classic courses on good snow. And we are working on that. Rerouting has been mapped and we have machines working on it this weekend and early next week"

More to follow as reports become available.

Long live the Birkie!