Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Unofficial Birkie Trail Report

UNOFFICIAL Birkie Trail Report from Bjorn Taylor - February 1, 2017

The following is a unofficial trail report from Bjorn Taylor who just returned from a tour of the Birkie ski trails. We will post more as information becomes available.

"I just got back from a Birkie trail tour and discussion with Parks staff. Bottom line is that they have just enough snow on some trails and are planning on going ahead with the event, with a few modifications":

  • "They will not use the normal trail route, as the trails around Islet Lake and south of Central are not useable. Most likely, the race will be on trails in the NE sector of the Cooking Lake – Blackfoot Recreational Area. They are still aiming for a 55km and a 31km, or as close as possible".
  • "No skate ski event – the trails they had for the skate route are not feasible to groom or ski at this point" - (This is unofficial at this point)

"I skied today, both on a section they have renovated and set track, and on trails that were set a few weeks ago. The renovated / trackset trails are a real mixed bag, with some sections pretty good on crushed granular (ranging from medium to coarse to ice chunks) – but it is thin, and there are rough sections where grass / leaves prevail".

"We’ve had about 3-4cm snow from yesterday to today, and it’s still coming down, so when they renovate the rest of the trails and mix in the fresh snow, it should be better. On the non-groomed trails, the fresh snow has filled the tracks, and there is definitely an icy layer at the bottom".

"I talked to the trail guys, and we are going to try and get one of our machines and operators there next week to help out. This takes some of the pressure and time constraints off, and should result in a better track".

More to follow as reports become available.

Long live the Birkie!