Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Updated Birkie Wax Options

Fast Trax Birkie Wax Options
We will be offering the following three options for this years Birkie;
  1. In Shop Wax Services
  2. Birkie Fair Waxing
  3. Detailed information on our Shop Blog
Note: Skate event for this years Birkie has been cancelled - More Information

Option #1 - Fast Trax In Shop Services
Birkie Specific Glide Wax and Base Binder.

We offer waxing services for the Birkie and can be booked through our ONLINE SHOP by selecting our Birkie Specific Wax Service.
  • Birkie specific glide wax - $25
    • Base glide wax to harden base.
    • Glide wax specific to the conditions.
    • Grip zone sanded and base bindered.
Drop off your skis at the shop on Tuesday, February 7th between the hours of 10am - 6pm and pick them up Friday February 10th between 2pm - 6pm.

When you drop off your skis we can double check and re-mark your wax pocket, which is especially to account for the extra weight if you are doing the Birkie with a pack. Once we have your skis, we will do one layer of wax to harden the base and then - after testing glide waxes and base binders - we will apply the best glide wax and base binder specific to your event.

When you have picked up your skis from the shop on the Friday you can check the shop blog for grip wax recommendations and apply your grip that evening or the morning of the event or stop by the Birkie Fair with donation to the ENSC.

Option #2 - Fast Trax Birkie Fair Options
Fast Trax has teamed up with the ENSC and UofA Nordic as a fundraising event to provide grip and glide wax services at the Birkie Fair on Friday February 10th between 12-7pm with a minimum cash donation of $10 made directly to the teams.
  • Grip wax donations would be donated to the ENSC and the glide wax donations would be donated to UofA Nordic.
Ulf Kleppe of the ENSC  will be providing the grip wax advice and services and Keegan Brooks of Master Wax will be providing the glide wax advice and services for UofA Nordic. Michael Kennedy of UofA Nordic will be out that morning to test wax and provide guidance to the Birkie Fair waxing team.

Stop by the Fast Trax booth say hi, ask any questions you might have and if you want, have your skis waxed with a donation too two great ski clubs.

Note: We will not have any wax for sale at the Birkie Fair, if in need of wax we suggest stopping by the shop.

Option #3 - Fast Trax Blog Updates
On the blog front, Patrick will be making a glide wax post on the Wednesday February 8th and will then do a follow up post on Friday February 10th with any new information regarding grip and glide for those who cannot make the Birkie Fair.

Hope this helps, long live the Birkie!