Thursday, 15 June 2017

Perfect your Recovery from Hard Training Days

Just as important as your training plan is an equally well thought-out recovery plan. Active recovery means having a plan to assist your body to get back to its regular state, and not just treating recovery as an afterthought. 


Mobilisation of the muscle groups after a hard effort is very important, helping blood flow, and helping move toxins out of your body. So walking around post run and keeping a full range of movement is good a recovery practice.


You can also aid your body’s healing post run with a small post run snack and drink, giving some thought to dinner time. Eating a balanced meal after your run aids recovery and prepares you for the next challenge.


Many people arrive at a training not being properly hydrated, especially in the morning when most of us don’t drink before training. Lack of water in our bodies is known to make our legs feel heavy and lethargic even after a warm-up and will still transfer to the formal part of your workout.

Stretch and foam roll

In this recuperative period post run you gradually bring those stretched and inflamed muscles into their normal working state. The discomfort of post run muscle soreness can be alleviated by putting in time on the foam roller and the yoga mat, while keeping up the gentle mobilisation of the joints.


After a hard run, adrenalin causes the body’s functions to change, spending the time cooling down, stretching and refuelling helps to bring your body back into a restful state,  allowing your body to achieve a restful sleep after hard training days.